• Mannyironk

    You don't need to be lucky to feel lucky. Luck is somehow related to confidence and attitude. People who say they are precise aren't actually precise everytime. To be lucky, all you need is sense of timing and great convincing power. Luck is all about faking it. Yet, some people are those who possess true talent and practice damn hard; I am talking about that 90% crowd who aren't skilled yet show that they are. "I was just lucky!" is another gesture to of humbleness. Coming to the logic part, when you actually don't know the theory behind a few things, here logic comes to rescue. If you consider the odds are in your favour like we discussed about the luck above, then you can solve problems related to a specific theory based on logic itself…

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  • SVK212

    Life is Binary

    August 25, 2016 by SVK212

    Computers understand only binary language.

    But, we are humans. We are living beings. We function differently. However, our brain functions in some way similar to a computer. The neurons together forming a brain have some fluids inside them. Specific proportions of those fluids are responsible for a state of a neuron. I guess this mechanism is similar to what we see in a computer. Signals, electrical, are transferred in the transistors. So, there lies some relation which we can establish between a human and a computer.

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